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Burgkunstadt, 96224, Wolf-von-Schaumberg Str.2, Germany (Bavaria)

Short Introduction About Us


Hello, I am Kai and I am the founder of this shop. During the day, I work as a Data Scientist, analyzing data, but in my free time, I devote myself to my collection of Anri figures. My passion for nativity figures was sparked by my grandpa. As a child, setting up the nativity scene at Christmas was always a magical experience for me. Unfortunately, this tradition ended with his death, and with it, Christmas lost its magic. Later, I bought nativity figures that happened to be from Anri. When I learned that there were other Anri series, I began collecting them – they are for me a piece of living memory and a touch of the magic that I felt as a child. My favorite series is the colored 20cm Bernardi.


Hey, I’m Martha and I work part-time, mostly packing figures. During the day, I study international economics and development and also work as a student assistant in system engineering. Nativity figures? They really weren’t my thing – until I met Kai. On our first date, he talked about nativity figures, and my first thought was: ‘What a weird guy! Hopefully, he doesn’t kill me…’ But when I saw his collection live, I somehow got caught up in the magic of the nativity scene. Now I also collect Anri nativity figures. My absolute favorite? The Vatican nativity scene, also known as ‘Holy Land,’ in 15 cm, colored. Who would have thought that I would like nativity figures so much?