Anri History

Anri Figurines

In our shop, we proudly showcase Anri Nativity Figurines, originally crafted in St. Ulrich in South Tyrol. ANRI’s approach to design is particularly unique. Unlike other producers, ANRI itself rarely designed models, with the notable exception of the Anri Nativity. Instead, their brilliance lay in their ability to identify and collaborate with the most gifted sculptors and carvers. These artists were the creative minds behind the models, which ANRI then meticulously reproduced in series.

What truly sets ANRI apart is their unwavering commitment to quality control, a robust marketing strategy, and remarkable production efficiency. As a scientist, I find their adoption of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining particularly fascinating. ANRI was a pioneer in using this technology for the pre-carving of their figurines, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern precision.

This fusion of art and technology underpins the enduring appeal of ANRI figurines. Each piece reflects not just the skill of its original designer but also the innovative spirit of ANRI in bringing these masterpieces to a global audience.

Unfortunately, the production of these exquisite pieces has become discontinued since ANRI closed their factories in February 2021. This closure marks the end of an era for these unique and cherished works of art, making the existing collections even more valuable to collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

Anri Kuolt Series

At the core of ANRI’s success lies the extraordinary craftsmanship of talented carvers and sculptors. The ANRI Kuolt Series, initiated in the 1920s and designed by Prof. Karl Kuolt, stands as a testament to this. Renowned for its gentle pastel colors and remarkably detailed facial expressions, this series captures every emotion with a focus on the Christ child. We proudly offer a wide range of these exquisite figures in our shop. Explore our collection: (click here.

Anri Bernardi Series

The Bernardi series, created by Ulrich Bernardi in the early 1960s, stands as perhaps the most popular collection worldwide. While the Kuolt series focused on expressions and gestures, Bernardi brought an added dimension of motion, making each figure appear more dynamic and lifelike. His most acclaimed creations include the Florentiner and Bernardi series, which boast over 100 models. These figures, with their Kuolt-esque expressions, capture the awe-inspiring moment of beholding the Christ child, with every gesture and motion directed towards this central figure. In my view, Bernardi’s brilliance played a pivotal role in ANRI’s global expansion, thanks to the variety it offered. Our store features a wide selection of Bernardi figures (click here), along with notable collections like the ANRI Bacher and Bachlechner series.